You brew it, we can it!

What are the benefits of mobile canning?

Save equipment costs and space
For smaller craft breweries, purchasing a canning line may not be justified, especially if you only need to can every other week or so. That is a big asset to be sitting in your brewery taking up space.
Focus on making great craft beer
Having canned over six million cans, our expertise is packaging. We do it every day. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best, brew great Texas beer!
Expand market opportunities
Our clients have been able to expand their reach by offering their product not only in kegs, but in cans. Off-premise retailers are increasingly recognizing the value that craft cans bring to the beer aisle.
Aluminum cans are 100% Recyclable
Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. One recycled aluminum can = one new aluminum can. Cans also keep out the two largest beer spoilers, light and air.

Our Services

Armadillo Mobile Canning is with you every step of the way.

Packaging Materials

Whether it's ordering small quantities of digitally printed shrink sleeve labeled cans or larger quantities of printed cans, we'll help ensure you have all the options currently available in the market and help you make the best decision for your business.

We have partnered with a national network of mobile canners, allowing us to combine our purchasing power to offer packaging materials at the lowest possible cost.

  • Shrink Sleeve Labeled Cans
  • Can Lids
  • PakTech Handles
  • Cardboard Case Trays

Already have cans and supplies on hand? We're happy to bring our canning line and use your current packaging materials.

The Canning Process

  • Our fully automated Wild Goose MC-250 mobile canning line and depalletizer rolls into the brewery and hooks directly up to your brite tank or fermenter.
  • The canning line is compact and can be modified to fit into smaller spaces.
  • We have the ability to can 60+ barrels per day, leaving you with 800+ 12 oz cases or 600+ 16 oz cases of fresh, ready-to-distribute product.
  • We understand availability of schedule is essential for our clients, and pride ourselves on schedule availability and flexibility.
  • No contracts required, you simply pay as you go with terms available.

Quality Control

We understand the importance of a proper cleaning and sanitization process, and have worked with the Birko Corporation to ensure that our clean-in-place process is safe and effective.

  • Our depalletizer feeds empty cans into our twist rinse, rotating cans upside down and rinsing them with sanitizer prior to entering the canning line.
  • Our CO2 pre-purge and under-lid CO2 blanket minimizes oxygen pickup during the canning process, ensuring maximum shelf life.
  • Utilizing our Orbisphere dissolved oxygen meter and can piercer, we'll show you your exact O2 pickup from your brite tank to the finished product.
  • Our state-of-the-art seam inspection equipment assures you that your cans are seamed well within manufacturers specs, with detailed reports e-mailed monthly.

Date Coding

Our date coding service allows your cans to be coded with a date or batch number on the bottom of the can.

Get In Touch

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